Kellogg Creek Restoration & Community Enhancement Project
Kellogg Dam was built in 1858, when Oregon was a Territory and a young man named Abraham Lincoln was running what would turn out to be a losing campaign for US Senate. It has served no purpose since the 1890s, when the flour mill it was built to power shut down. But it blocks fish passage, created a warm-water impoundment that is poor habitat, and restricts floodplain storage.

Efforts are underway to restore fish passage, create a new natural area in downtown Milwaukie, restore the river channel, and upgrade the highway 99E Bridge that rests on the dam. The efforts are the result of countless partners. Click here to learn more.

Senator Jeff Merkley visits Kellogg Dam to celebrate the beginning of the design process for the Kellogg Creek Restoration & Community Enhancement Project, spring 2022. L-R: Milwaukie Mayor – Elect Lisa Batey, Jim McKenna from the Natural Resources Office of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Milwaukie Mayor/ State Representative-Elect Mark Gamba, Milwaukie City Councilor Angel Falconer, Senator Jeff Merkley, Watershed Council Executive Director Neil Schulman, John Runyon (Cascade Environmental Group), Liz Perkin (Native Fish Society).