NCUWC’s Streamside Stewards Program (SSP) is the organization’s keystone effort. We work primarily with private property owners along Mt Scott, Kellogg, River Forest, Boardman and Rinearson Creeks and their tributaries. Through the program we work with landowners without charge to survey site conditions, identify existing plants and habitat, and develop a restoration plan for the site.

Contact us if you are interested and want to learn more or become a SSP member!

If the property owner agrees to participate in the plan and become a member of the SSP, the watershed council provides  weed control and native vegetation planting along the creek. Participation in the SSP is 100% voluntary. This service is available to streamside properties with good habitat potential. It’s free to the extent our grant funds stretch; when funding is limited, we ask property owners to contribute part of the cost.

Benefits of the SSP include: collaborative site assessment and planning information; stream stewardship education; weed control; native plant installation; reduced risk of erosion; increased shade along the creek which decreases the water temperature of the creek, thus helping the fish survive and thrive; and improved habitat for fish and wildlife. These restoration efforts entice birds, fish and other wildlife to return to the site. This also improves water quality flowing into the Willamette River, which is important in the low water summer and autumn months.


NCUWC Watershed Map
NCUWC Watershed Map

The SSP is funded by WES, OLSD, CSWCD, Metro and NCPRD. View our Partners page to learn more.