Ten Year Watershed Action Plan 2022-23

In 2022, we worked with our many partners, Samara Group, and GeoEngineers to compile all the scientific and community information available on our watersheds, prioritize projects, and chart a course for our priority projects and programs from 2022-2032. The result is the North Clackamas Watersheds Action Plan. It’s our guiding document, as well as a strategy for working with our partners to move key projects, programs, policies, and other work forward.

Here you’ll find the Executive Summary and the Full Plan.

There are four watersheds in the NCWC service area which are bounded by Johnson Creek to the north and the Clackamas River to the south. Kellogg Creek and its main tributary Mt. Scott Creek, River Forest Creek, Boardman Creek, and Rinearson Creek all flow into the Willamette River. All four of these creeks drain an area that includes the cities of Milwaukie, Happy Valley, and Gladstone and the unincorporated areas of Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge. Our watersheds also contain several important natural areas such as the 3-Creeks Natural Area, Minthorn Wetlands, Mt. Talbert, Glen Echo Wetlands, and more.

Watershed Areas
Kellogg – Mt. Scott: 10,300 acres
Rinearson: 330 acres
Boardman:  1,300 acres
River Forest: 800 acres
Total Area: 12,730 acres