The Willamette River from Meldrum Bar to Milwaukie Bay, is part of NCWC’s territory, including the land on the eastern shore. This is critical habitat for all fish species migrating through the Willamette River system, as well as all of the humans that love the Willamette and are connected to it through recreation, fishing, and more. There are two particular areas in this reach of the Willamette River that are significant to the Council’s work. Elk Rock Island is a critical ecological area for the Willamette River for both terrestrial species and for aquatic ones – due to the side channel. Milwaukie Bay is a large eddy, where Kellogg Creek and Johnson Creek flow into the Willamette River, and is ecologically significant. Because the Willamette River basin is home to 70% of Oregon’s population, what happens to affect the Willamette is important both locally and statewide.